Weather Station: Let’s know more about it

News 12:02 February 2024:

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Weather Station as we all know has the ability to measure atmospheric state by the use of different equipment or instruments in order to provide an accurate weather forecast, or to add context and relevance to the study of climate and weather.


It is important for people to understand, or at least have an idea of weather forecasts because it definitely has an effect on the day to day life. More so, it is imperative that the weather stations capture the most accurate measurement to ensure precise reading.


There are different ways to capture measurements of weather and climate through the use of different types of weather stations. Here are some:


Smart/Digital weather stations


This kind of weather station is known to have an ability to capture voice instructions or commands and reply with the information requested.


Alexa is one of the resources being used at home.


Smart weather stations are also adept to using a technology called IFTTT where it would prompt actions remotely once certain criteria related to weather are met.


People has an eye for this type of weather station since it is convenient and easy to use.  It is worth the time and money to invest on this smart weather station because it also measures your environment at home. It can detect levels of noise, dust, carbon dioxide, and some more.


It is foreseen that in time, most households will be using smart weather station.


Weather station for kids: Educational


Kids as early as preschool or primary school are being taught how to make an improvised barometer and are also taught how to use and understand it. That means weather forecasting is not a job for adults alone. Younger ones can also tell approximately how weather will be like for a day, and they would have understanding as well of the climate and be able to come up with programs on how to adapt to any changes.


Weather Stations for Marine


Marine weather stations are said to be expensive. It has to be sealed tightly and should be corrosion resilient. Since it will be stationed on salt water it has to withstand weathering.


Weather Stations in Remote Area


This is the type of weather station that is installed in faraway places or places where one would have a hard time getting to.  This is mostly used in ranches or farms.


Remote weather station is usually dependent on cellular service for telecommunications and also in solar power.


Home weather station


This is the weather station that can be as conservative as a wall clock – It’s usually situated on walls like a round clock, then there are hand pointers to the temperature or humidity captured; or can be as advanced as digital robotic ones. There are two kinds of home weather station – analog and digital.


Home weather station – analog


Generally, analog types are the wall clock-like weather stations. It comes with different designs which apart from being functional, it can also be used a decorative piece of art in the living room, bedroom, or any parts of the house.


Analog weather stations is usually made of wood. It can come with a size of an actual wall clock, or it can be as small as a sticky notepad placed on top of drawers or mounted on the wall.


One of the most famous analog weather station used at home is the Galileo Thermometer. It uses cylinder filled with fluid. There are also bubbles inside the cylinder that are filled with color (can be food coloring or alcohol) and has metal tag in different weights that indicates the temperature. For example, blue bubble represents 30 degrees, red bubble represents 35 degrees, and so on and so forth. These bubbles are filled with the exact same amount of fluid, and what makes them different in size are the metal tags attached. So, any change in the temperature outside the cylinder would change the temperature of the water inside it as well. This will cause some bubbles to rise and some to sink due to buoyancy. The bubble that rose on top is the actual reading of the temperature at the moment.


Home weather station – digital


Digital types are the ones that electronically captures the humidity and temperature and has an additional feature of telling the date and time of the day.


To wrap it up, regardless of how you capture temperature measurement, the importance of doing such should never be taken for granted, as it plays an important role in planning the activities daily. It would also help you keep yourself from danger by being aware.