Have you ever thought of how much weight and height a massage chair can take? 

News 12:02 February 2024:

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Have you ever thought of how much weight and height a massage chair can take?  People rarely take time to consider such simple issues but they are part of issues that should be considered when making your purchase.  Most chairs are averagely between 6” to 6.4”.  This in essence is the size of an average person.    This is where the issue of dimensions comes in.   The chairs are a bulky affair and this is common knowledge to everyone who has used a chair at a massage centre or just seen one.   When bringing your chair in remember to check door dimensions to avoid being disappointed.

Installations are another issue to take seriously.  Does the chair come fully assembled or is it to be assembled at your premises.   Companies and brand differ in this and it would therefore not be wrong to discuss the same at length.  Most companies bring their chairs fully installed but for shipping purposes, this is normally so, some components are installed at delivery.  Whatever, the choice is sure you are in agreement at the time of the purchase.  You also need to discuss one crucial matter on the nature of the chair and its location.

There are two types of massage chair and it’s therefore important that you get to know if your chair will need extra space away from the wall or if it is.   Everyone using the chairs is always worried of the security measures put in place.   This has been an ongoing discussion and should be addressed adequately at the time of purchase.   Weight and height when it comes to the chairs use are matters that should be discussed at greater length.  Most companies and or brands will discuss this with you at the time of purchase but with the increase in the number of providers, it has become a great issue that should be given proper attention.

Back to issue of height, this should be addressed accordingly depending on the user.  You might have realised that some of the chairs tend to be quite low and closer to the ground.  Such are better used by a shorter person and not a 6” individual.  It might become a little uncomfortable requiring a little adjustment.  So at the time of the installation, be sure to discuss the same with the technician regarding its operations and how to adjust the levels from time to time depending on the user’s height at weight.

Weight is also a crucial issue here.  Chairs are made to hold different kind of weights and therefore do not come as a one size fits all as many people are made to believe.  There is so much to understand when making your purchase of the first massage chair.  Proper research will definitely go along way in ensuring that you have nothing but the best product in the market.   Just like with any purchase, it would be prudent to discuss some of these issues with your doctor or general practitioner.

How does a general practitioner or a doctor comes in you might be wondering?  Message therapy is not good everyone.  Different cancers and other known diseases can be dangerous is massage therapy is used without a doctor’s opinion.  It is therefore imperative that if one has a known condition, they should consider seeking professional opinion for their own good.  There are many other kinds of conditions that require proper care and attention even during the massage therapy.  It would therefore be proper to ensure that you just don’t use a chair without seeking any professional advice.  A doctor’s opinion will go along way in ensuring that you are safe.

Finally and back to the weight issue, each chair comes with a ‘working weight’.  This is the weight it is built to take.  As discussed earlier, not every chair is made with the same weight and ensuring that you have the best product can be of service long term.   Interestingly, the massage chair weight is spread around to take any kind of prescribed weight.   It would be prudent to find the same from the manufacture at the time of the purchase.  Don’t ever take anything for granted as the chair is a massive investment that requires a lot of money.